snuggled up fireplace

When we think about Winter, some of us think of freshly fallen snow, a burning fire, and cozying up with the ones we love. There’s is the flip side, though: think of freezing temperatures, frozen windshields, and cabin fever. BUT, for now let's concentrate on the good!

After the recent cold snap, you might be in the mood to do some nesting - to spruce up your space with items that bring comfort and (literal) warmth. The Danish, experts at surviving the cold winter months, have a word for this concept, “hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga).

Hygge describes both things and activities that are simple, relaxing and bring comfort - often with a rustic feel. Hygge can include anything from lighting candles and enjoying some hot cocoa to filling your sofa with pillows and cozy blankets. We’ll focus on some design ideas that will give your home that simple but luscious Scandinavian ski lodge feel.


Plush It Up

velvet sectional and shag rug

What do shag rugs and velvet upholstery have in common? They’re making a comeback! These vintage decor trends are back for a reason: they add plush, casual glamour to an interior, which is very hygge.

blue velvet sofa


The mossy texture of a velvet sofa instantly softens any space. Bold colors, like this navy blue, show off that homey, "worn" look velvet is famous for, making your winter den even more inviting. Don't forget to add throw pillows and some fuzzy throws! The more the merrier (and toastier!). 

gray loloi shag rug

Continue the plush trend underfoot with a retro-fabulous shag rug. A neutral color like this soft gray will add an airy feel to the room and make your furniture pop. Be sure to choose a thick carpet pad to add extra coziness! With your shoulders snuggled up in velvet and your toes buried in shag, you may never want to venture into the cold again.


Rustic Mystique

worn leather chair in living room

The concept of hygge may be about indoor comfort, but it's also largely built upon the beauty of Scandinavia's lushly wooded landscape. Natural materials like leather and wood bring nature's beauty indoors and add depth to your decor, as well as coziness for you!

coffee and side tables

Weathered, textured, and rustic- all things that describe these beautiful occasional tables. The washed wood, and wicker shelving and baskets are influenced by the great outdoors, so you can enjoy a little nature in the comfort of you living room. Dress them up with a small plant, some favorite old books, and a lightly scented candle - but leave room for your coffee mug and the remote!

custom leather chair and ottoman

One thing in home decor that will never go out of style is a classic leather chair or sofa. This overstuffed leather chair and ottoman is pre-distressed and perfect to curl up in. Just imagine snuggling up with some hot cocoa, a good book and a wool blanket in this comfy chair! Close your eyes, and you might just feel like you're spending a winter evening in the North Carolina mountains.  


Winter Warmers

comfy living room

Time for the finishing touches! It's not hygge if it doesn't have a sense of warmth about it - that includes both the room AND yourself. When you're settling in for a relaxing afternoon on the sofa, you want to feel like you're cradled in a warm nest. No draft giving you a chill; no loud noises or bright lights. 

woodwick candle

Set the tone with the subtle scent, gentle light and soothing sound of a WoodWick HearthWick candle (or a few). WoodWicks are slow-burning candles with real wood wicks that make a crackling sound when burned, just like a fireplace. The large wick provides enough light to browse Pinterest by, and the fragrances are made from natural sources for a delightful - not overpowering - aroma.  


pom pom quilt levtex

Perhaps the most important component of a perfectly hygge experience is a warm blanket. You could go the decorative throw route - there are tons of gorgeous options out there - or you could admit that throws are never quite big enough to properly wrap yourself in for a serious hibernation session. A quilt with some fun details, like the pom poms on this one, provides extra square footage and style. Plus, there's room for two ;)


Settle In and Snuggle Up

All of these pieces were hand picked to complement each other for a charming, comfortable, living room in the spirit of winter. If you have any questions about the pieces you see please email or come by and see us today!