shore decor interior


So what is "Coastal Decor," anyway?

Look around the web, and you'll find dozens of home decor bloggers showing off the same "coastal decor" ideas over and over again. You know what we're taking about - soft colors with sand dollars, wicker weaves with palm trees, navy stripes with navigational charts, and so on.

Don't get us wrong – those traditional concepts are a great place to start! But coastal style is not a single concept. It's much more than simply splashing some seafoam green on the walls, laying down a few sisal rugs, and crowning the mantle with a vintage model ship. 

Your home should reflect your own brand of coastal style – not someone else's. We took some favorite home decorating ideas, added a pinch of saltwater, and whipped up five subtypes of coastal décor styles. Take this quick quiz to find your closest style match, then get decorating!