'Tis the season for office Christmas parties, games of White Elephant at the annual neighborhood gathering, and the time to show those who do so much for us how much we appreciate them. It's the time for gift giving!

This year give a gift that is unique and personal to those special folks in your life! Think one of these gift ideas is perfect for someone on your list? Find it online or stop in and check out these items and hundreds more! (Part 1 of 2)


Color-Changing Story Mugs

Color Changing Story Mugs: Ok, I know coffee mugs aren't exactly a new and exciting gift idea … but, wait! There's more! Each of these mugs has a hidden story to tell. When you fill one with a hot drink, the purple exterior fades into a brilliant display of color. There are many different mugs to choose from, for just about anyone in your life! 


Whimsical Dog and Cat Planters

whimsical metal cat and dog planters

Come on…how cute are these cat and dog flower pots? Talk about curb appeal! These little guys will add pizazz to any lawn, porch or garden. Their brightly painted metal frames are made to weather the outdoors, but would also would be super charming in any home. Imagine the excitement of the lucky one who gets this adorable, bouncing little face staring back at them! Bow-wow! This gift is purrfect.


Chirpy Top Wine Pourer

Can drinking wine really be any more fun? Yes - yes it can! This cute bird-shaped bottle topper makes chirping noises when you pour a glass of your favorite wine. Have someone on your list who's impossible to buy for, but enjoys relaxing with a little vino? At the very least, one of these little guys will put a smile on his or her face. Plus, it's a delightful way to get conversation started at any party! 


Chat Packs

It's that wonderful time of the year spent with family and friends. It's also the time for that one obligation to go to a Christmas party full of people we might not know very well. Chat Packs are full of fun questions meant to spark conversation. Whether it's breaking the awkward silence in a room full of strangers, or getting to know how weird your loved ones really are, these quirky cards will break the ice. Put down all the electronic devices this year - chat and laugh until your sides hurt!


Gurgle Pot

This feisty fish is bound to make a splash at any festive gathering. He's stylish, for sure, but the real magic begins when you tip him over and pour him out. As you pour, the Gurgle Pot makes – can you guess? – gurgling noises! Gurgle Pots come in 42 and 12 ounce sizes and as (nongurgling) salt and pepper shakers. Pour, smile and enjoy!

Part 2 of our gift series is coming soon. Happy giving!